Need help with saving information to .csv file in Excel

Hello, I am currently trying to save data to a csv file every time the user clicks on save but i find it very difficult. Im having a difficult time. I have created a list view so that i can see what information was saved and this does work, however the information does not save to the csv file and im not sure why. If somebody could provide some help or advice on why its not working for me that would be much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance. This is what i have so far:

i created an excel document Test.csv, i wasn’t sure if i needed to upload the document to app inventor so i tried to make this work after uploading it and also tried it without uploading it, but either way it does not work. Not sure why? do i have to link this some other way?


will not work as the file is in the assets and therefore read only.


should create the file in the root of your sdcard if it is not there.

You want to finish your append entry with \n, not a comma, to put each record on a separate line

If running a compiled app you may need to give permission to write to your sdcard:



will create the csv file in the private directory of the app. You will only be able to access this through the app, it will not be available in the device’s file system in a compiled app.

i accidently deleted this comment lol im losing my mind


I see your thinking, but that is not the correct way to request a permission. Do like this:

Once you have successfully created your csv file on your sdcard, you will need to upload the file to some online storage in order to access it from your computer.

I attempted through google sheets using the web and im so much closer however im having an issue with the spinner i wanted to add. it saves to the sheet however the way it appears is an error: nameE (should be in name column) and the number coulmn should have 0987 (which it does and the rest is an error)

new2 Googlesheet

This is the code i have so far:

Now originally i set all 3 to SHORT ANSWER (name, number, and department) and this you will see in the code the original link was " viewform?usp=pp_url&entry.1836489115=x&entry.931499510=y&entry.1243534831=1"

then i tried changing department to multiple choice.
so i edited the form in google sheets and chose SHORT ANSWER for name and for number. Then i chose MULTIPLE CHOICE for the spinner (should i set this back to short answer?) and this is the link i got when i changed it to multiple choice (however i dont know how to implement this link in the code):


where would the issue be? thanks in advance for the help

The first “entry” (after formResponse) should have a ? before it,all other “entry” should have an & before them

Thanks for all the help. it worked. i really appreciate all the information

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