Need help with random number picking and adding it without coding all the possibilities

This is the outline of the app:
The user is presented with 9 random numbers and a target number and must select 3 numbers or less to add up to the target within a time limit. Each time the user correctly adds up to the target number, the difficulty increases slightly with a larger target displayed and 9 new random numbers, while the time limit also resets. The game continues until the user does not reach the target (or exceeds it) using 3 numbers, or when the time limit runs out.

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Well, do you have some blocks yet? What did you try?
Are you sure that you can always add up to the target number, with a random set of numbers? Your numbers cannot be really random to do that.

This looks like a good application for a little fraud.
Generate a bunch of random numbers, and pick three of those at random,
then take their sum. Say that's the target value.

I made an app like this and that’s exactly what I did.

The problem is sometimes there may be multiple solutions so you need to sum the numbers the player picks instead of just ensuring they have picked the “correct” numbers displayed on the buttons.

I do the same thing but I face the problem to select random number and compare with target number is any solution for that