Need help with project design!

I am currently in the process of designing an app using MIT App Inventor and neither me or my group members have ever programmed using MIT App Inventor before. The goal of our app is to retrieve the weather from a location, ask the user for their inputted mood, then display a screen of activities and songs the user may want to listen to depending on the weather and users mood. We are having issues with the final screen as we are required to have variables from our weather screen (screen 1) and mood screen (screen 2). Could anyone edit or give any suggestions of what we should do? I have included all of the blocks that we have as of right now for every screen down below and an image of our screen in the designer.

I think you should use the tinydb component. i have a small example


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There are different way to get value from other screens, for your project probably the easiest and fast way is to use a dinyDb in every screen , as @Mau_Mau said you .
Tiny able you to save data permanently in the app and retrieve data from each screens of your app. You have to add tiny in every screens and use the same tag to save and store .
Another way could be to use virtual screens but now you have to rebuilt all your design .