Need help with my app for smart car parking using Firebase

This is my app. The app keeps crashing down after startup. Below is my blocks and my UI. The server I use for Firebase is US.

SmartParking (1).aia (12.3 KB)


Your firebaseURL does not appear to be a correct URL for a US server.

On the other hand, you have a GotText event but you are not calling the GetValue method

Hi @Th_nh_Tr_n_Tan, you can try to use this extension for your firebase project FirebaseManager Extension
You will not have problem about the firebase server location.
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After I check with my friend who make the firebase, he told me he switch to Sing-server instead of US. And what about the GotText event? I only have GetValue blocks in the app. And does the app crash upon open up depend on the URL?

Testing it with companion it gave me an runtime error:
"Error from Companion: For a custom firebase host you must first set your authentication server before using authentication features!"

Not, that block is not crashing the app...I was just calling your attention to it...because as it stands it is useless.

The firebase component will only work with the us-central server.

You can use the web component instead, if you so wish

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