Need help with Maze Game/App

I'm making a maze game but haven't checked off all of the requirements. The requirements I have left are:

  1. A procedure that implements an algorithm.
    • It should contain at least one parameter that has an effect on the functionality of the procedure.
      -The procedure should implement an algorithm that includes sequencing, selection (if-statements), and iteration (repeat loops).
    • There should be at least 2 calls to the procedure. (Each call must pass a different argument that causes a different segment of code in the algorithm to execute.)

This appears to be a term school project that will require a lot of coding.

Is the Procedure you refer to MazeSetUp or another Procedure you have yet to code?

Note MazeSetUp does not include sequencing, selection (if-statements), and iteration (repeat loops). Do you know how to do those things?

Here is how to use if statements > Programming Your App to Make Decisions. Have you read Creating Animated Apps and Repeating Blocks (about loops) ?

How do you ensure your sprites stay within the boundaries of the maze? You could use the color of the maze barriers to disallow the ball to move outside the maze boundaries while using the accelerometer to move. If Canvas.GetPixelColor = black then stop movement else allow movement.

Here is an algorithm that might be useful to your assignment. Get out of a maze. Code proposal - #3 by Juan_Antonio

Will any of these pieces of information above be useful? I don't know. What you use depends on what you expect the app to do.

Does your code MazeSetup work? Can you use you accelerometer to traverse your ball through the maze yet.

I already figured it out but thank you!!