NEED HELP..with login and signin

Well, im making an app for my school.. and im confused.. i dont know if i should do where the person Login by typing their username and password or.. they just do a sign in and the app will autofill the username and password fields for them..

this code will make the app autofill the fields without needing the user typing
(this is the signin screen)

So the first part of the code is - RequestFocus if they left one of the fields in blank.. and the other one is storing everything in the TinyDB database

Please help me improve! any help would be... helpful!

I can't see how your blocks will autofill the textboxes?

Also, if you have come from Screen1, then all you need to do is "close Screen", otherwise you will open another Screen1.

this is Screen1
Also when someone first enters the Screen1 im getting an error
The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments: , [-44.11083], [5]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

how do i fix it?

Do you need a "not" block in front of your is empty / rotulo blocks ? otherwise the textboxes will never be filled ?

well, when someone opens the app for the first time, it wont have nothing to fill.
(thats right btw) but it says an error and i wanted to disable the error pop up or just fix it

Also, how do i make a notifier only appers once? Like it will apper only once when they start the app for the first time?

Set the two textboxes to not visible on Screen1 in the designer
If rotulo is empty then direct the user (with notifier?) to the Register screen....
If rotulo is NOT empty then make the two textboxes visible and fill with the data from the rotulo

You will only see the notifier if rotulo is empty.....make sure that rotulo is loaded from tinydb

Alternatively, none of this is actually necessary, once a user has registered, all they have to do is press a button to progress in the app, or automatically progress, you have their login data in tinydb/rotulo

Okay i will try that, but i want to ask one more thing. Is it possible to make lists like excel on Mit app inventor? where if i wanted to add a shoe, i could also add his size and where is he from?

Learn about using lists:

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