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Hello all, I am currently trying to create a very simple app where i use 2 listviews and select items from one listview to be transferred to the second listview. So basically i pick from one list and send that item to the second list and i can continually do so with each item until the first list is empty and the second is full. Im not sure if its because its very late here but im having a little trouble achieving this lol. If anybody can give me some advice or help on how to achieve this I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance…This is what i have so far…Capture

Hello Choppa

Very nearly there :upside_down_face:


Thank you for the help! i appreciate it. One question if i choose something from listview 1 and i want the item that i chose to disappear from listview 1 and only show in listview 2 as the chosen item (basically i move the item chosen from listview 1 to listview 2 and NOT have both items showing in both listviews at the same time, the item either shows in one listview or the other) how could i achieve this? would i have to reference the selection index number of each item in the first listview? but how would i make it not show in the first listview after i choose it to be moved to listview 2? im not suree if the question makes sense but so far lists has been the most difficult for me im completely lost

See this sample …

Thank you so much for the help guys! Im slowly reaching my goal. Something clicked with the multi select article posted. I didnt want to copy it because im trying to do it my own way but i did make a couple of changes to my code. I implemented a List Picker instead of 2 listViews so now i am able to finally do what my goal was (moving the items from one list to the other) except for 3 things.

  1. Once the item moves from the listPicker to the listView it does not move back (to the ListPicker) so if i remove all of the items from the listView the program pretty much stops there. The listPicker does not re-populate once i remove the item from the listView and vice versa

  2. Im still having trouble with the RESET feature where everything goes back to the way it was.

  3. I input a NOTIFIER and i want the notifier to state “error” when all the values from the List Picker are chosen and there is no more items to choose from

i cant seem to find where this issue is in my code. This is what I have so far:


I know the remove btn and .afterpicking buttons are incorrect but i cant seems to figure it out. im trying to go off of the multi-select article but its not clicking its late so maybe im just tired lol. Im a super beginner but im really having a tough time with the lists. I really appreciate the help and thank you in advance

Where is your ListView1.AfterPicking event?

I actually took some time (after getting some rest lol) to process everything and added another list picker to the app. I was finally able to accomplish everything. i realized in the multi-select they use 2 list pickers and i got to thinking and was able to fix my code while keeping my list view. Thank you so much for all the help.

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