Need help with firebase related code

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding how it works. I want to save people’s profiles on firebase.
So I made each profile name a bucket list that has other info like password age and stuff like that. When I use get tag list it doesn’t give back anything even if the firebase isnt empty.
I would like to know whats wrong with it. When i use get taglist what tags will it get: bucket list or all sub tags? It’s a bit blurry for me and I would appreciate some help.

Is this what you are after?

In my example i have a project bucket called “Profiles”

I then add profile data, using the user name, then a list of their data
Data call back is then by username (you would have these in a list?)


screenSimpleFirebaseProfiles !

Thanks alot! I eventually found the solution. You can follow the path on the firebase and then somehow ask from it to take a specefic tag
example: Ali is the bucket list It has password=123 Age=40 …
If i want to grab ali’s password i would get value tag join “input username(which is ali now)” + /Password
This way it’ll grab 123 and compare it with what it wrote and so on.
I think i ended up explaining something instead of asking for help lol
Anyways i hope you got the idea.
Thanks for your help :smiley: