Need help with ESP32 Servo control app

Got the PROBLEM !!!!
its my new phone ( i think android 12 problem )
Put the code on my old phone ( android 8) and it works flawlessly...
Now i need to find out what and how to get it working on android 12 but thats for later on.
I will try and get the servo app working on my old phone and see how to make it work for my project...
Thanks for your excellent help , i will keep u posted how its going on !!!


Blue tooth from the train app is also connecting to bluetooth....
now need to upload the arduino code and see if the Servo works...

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Great !!!
Regarding Android 12 you can dig the forum, searching for topics about permissions.
Have a great weekend.

I think on android 12+ you need permission for Bluetooth-connect and bluetooth-scan too. At least it worked that way, i do not know if it changed or not recently.

Are you using bluetooth classic or ble?
For Bluetooth classic see below

(Canned Response ABG - Bluetooth non-BLE SCAN Permission Blocks)

The easiest solution, for immediate relief
(from @Barry_Meaker) ...

I had the same issue. The problem is your app does not have permission to see nearby devices. The solution is to give your app permission on your phone (no code changes in your app).

on your phone,

  • goto settings
  • search for your app
  • in App Info for your app select Permissions
  • change Nearby Devices from Not Allowed to Allowed
  • Done

By the way, the very first time you run the app, Android will ask if you want to grant the app this permission. If you say no, or ignore the pop-up, the permission will be set as Denied. Android will not ask again.

A more complex approach, for professional app development:

See Bluetooth liste of devices deosn't work anymore - #7 by Anke
Special note for Xiaomi devices:
I have an error with bluetooth on android 12, Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC - #20 by Patryk_F

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i am gettin there ....


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No need to delete posts, the journey is more interesting than the destination.

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Did some stupid things and deleted parts
my misstake sorry

the man who designed the track and i did it !!!!
we made the app to work with the ESP32
BRIO_Controller4colors.aia (1.9 MB)
now we are finding out how to connect more then 1 esp to the program so we can control more then one track

thanks for all your help


Then you have to change from bluetooth to wiFi. Or use both BT and WiFi. If you chose the latest on you can keep your BT connection to the master EPS and the master ESP control the slave ESP-s over WiFi (ESP softAP can handle only limited number of connections). In case of the first option you need a router. You connect every ESP and the phone to the router. Maybe there is a third otion. If you keep BT to the master ESP, they may can to communicate with each other over ESP-NOW protocoll. Althoug I do not know how it is work exactly but i know one ESP can connect to multiple one.