Need help with creating multiple login profiles with firebase

Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 3.47.35 AM
Hello, i am working on a project with multiple login profiles that saves data to my firebase however i keep running into this issue anyone know what it is?

You are trying to either save to a list with an empty string or read from a list with an empty string. Without seeing more of your blocks it is difficult to say.

Please provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks (when the error occurs)

Hello, thank you for your reply this are my blocks

I am following this guide on youtube trying to convert tinywebdb database to firebase

and at which point in the “process” does the error message occur ?

I have fixed it now but its not letting me log in even though i registered with the correct username & password

Screenshot 2020-05-25 at 4.57.23 AM

Looks to me like:
user name = userpassuser
password = passuserpass

I registered it as
username: user
password: password

not sure why is it being like this and i tried logging in with userpassuser and passuerpass wouldnt work too

Did you get it working with tinywebDB ?

Unfortunately no i do not know how does TinywebDb works

Here is the link to the demo aia project, might be worth getting that up and running for comparison

With firebase or Tinyweb ?


I have tested it, it doesn’t work with the supplied url but try with the MIT one:

oh wow so i didnt even have to create my own tinywebdb url ;o

Got it working with Firebase (MIT)

Firebase_Web_Profile_Pages.aia (11.3 KB)

You are aware that if you are running your Firebase project with read and write rules set to true, that the data is completely insecure - (you have a duty of care to protect user’s personal data)

Thank you it is working now but whenever i try to login with a wrong account it says this instead of Invalid on the notifier

Hmmm, a new version, I added a check on the taglist.

Firebase_Web_Profile_Pages_v2.aia (11.7 KB)

Thank you for your help!!
I am planning to use an Arduino to send data to my phone application is it possible for it to be send to firebase and registered under each unique profile logins?