Need help with creating dictionary

I have a problem because I dont know how should I storaging data in dictionary. I made example where KeyPath:TrainingNo1/Series/S1 is another key-value dictionary and S2 is just a list of values whitch take less space in file. What do you think about this if in one training there can be about 15-20 series? I couldnt find any guide how to properly manage dictionaries.

It really is up to you. If you want to have key:value pairs then use make a dictionary, if you just want the values, then use a list.

With key:value pairs, you can search your dictionary by key(s) or by value....

"Space" in your "file" should not be an issue, unless you get up to the over gb size, which is unlikely.....

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Ok, thanks. I choiced to make key-value pairs for each serie because i think it will be easier to navigate through that dictionary.

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