Need help with an my app... Variables are getting scrambled

Hello! I posted a topic about this a long time ago and got no help… I don’t know if they forgot or simply didn’t notice. So here I am again.when i interact with a list another list also gets changed and it’s messing up alot of things. I have no idea why it’s happening and I’ve checked the code a bunch of times but I can’t find out why it’s happening. When I change the list of speakers and the variable speakers, the variable present members is also changed and so is the list. Here’s the code ( open the image for the whole thing!). These are the blocks that are interacting with the messed up variables. I can upload all of the blocks if needed

Why are you spamming the forum with multiple topics about the same thing?

Delete this topic and wait for a reply in the previous one.

Is it still spamming if it has been well over 2 months??
Edit: wow 1 month ¿ somehow

Sort of, but your previous post is still open, so you could have posted a refresher there.

Your blocks are disorganised, and it is difficult to follow the workflow. Make it easier for someone here to help you.

My bad I didnt think there was a way to refresh a post. I’ll do it right away after i make a picture. Thanks for helping! I wonder if you can still read this if i delete this post xD How do you do that though?

It’s a good idea to give components meaningful names but keep the type as a prefix.
Please see my notes:

This could be an issue:

It may or may not be the wrong List.

(Sorry but I have to close this post. You check my older one if you can help. I also update the blocks with a new very clean and more organized image. Thank you for your help.)
Yes that is indeed a very useful tip. Thanks! I just got a bit lazy and the components are sort of duplicates to other ones. So… yeah xD
And I don’t think that’s an issue. Non speakers and present members are the same and when you click next the list of present members is never opened again. I was thinking that maybe when i set nonspeakers to a list’s elements and then a list to that same variable it continues to change all of them to the same thing… Because that’s what’s happening!

got a link to your original post?

Here you go! Lists and variables are confused?