Need help with a university project

Hello, I have been working on this project of an application that would keep count of its user's community service hours done for a certain university. Now, my problem comes when I try and use TinyDB's to store users' users and passwords. I have a register screen set up at Screen 3, and the data stored there is working perfectly fine, but when I need to pass it back to Screen1, it doesn't work. I have tried changing the way the data was stored from simple strings to lists to dictionaries to no avail. I have also tried many ways to compare (in Screen1) the current user in the entry text box with the one stored in TinyDB1 but none seem to work. For some clarification, TinyDB1 was made to store all users together with their passwords, and TinyDB2 was made to store users' ID with their total community service hours. Attached to this post is the .aia file of my project for anyone who could help me out.
PrototipoProyecto1.aia (101.7 KB)

Thanks in advance.

This code sequence is in Screen1.

I see several errors ...

  • a dictionary can not have two keys with the same key. (user, user) Did you mean password for the second key?
  • a blank text can not work as a dictionary. Every one falls for that default TinyDB trick.
  • I am not convinced the green = can compare dictionaries. Test it with the Do It facility.
  • You left the TinyDB component names with no clue as to what they hold.

I leave the rest of your code for tomorrow.

First, I did mean to put "pass" instead of "user", "user", I just missed changing that key from the dictionary when I copied that piece of code. I also changed the blank text to a blank list, and tried making the do it function but I didn't understand how to actually implement it. I attach the new .aia file with the corrections. Thanks so much for your help.
PrototipoProyecto1 (1).aia (102.1 KB)

This is not the way to return to Screen1.

You must close screens as often as you open them.

There is an event block you can add to Screen1 to catch control when another screen closes, to refresh the display.