Need Help to write an email into the desiging fonts style

This community is very unique and here people are very helpful so I am here to ask a question about the fonts style my question is I like stylish font style from Ezzee Fonts and so I want to send an email into the designing font style to my friends its possible if I can do this please tell me about this I love this type of the font style if anyone knows about this, please tell its make very helpful for me

Hello Delilah

It sounds as though you are not actually using App Inventor?

I can answer your question anyway - what you wish to do can-and-can't be done. You can use a fancy font in App Inventor, it can be imported. However, for an email, things are different - the email would need to be HTML and the font would have to be stored in the email as the recipient may not have that font on their device. There might be an extension that supports this, see Taifun's Library:

If I am right, there should be an extension dealing with this in Pura Vida. I’ve seen it before somewhere.