Need help to make a studying app

Hi, I am makeing a app to make a app for study that do:-
i)turn normal photo into text [i am using ocr]
ii) turn text into q and a[i am using chat gpt extraction. you can suggest me better option]
iii)turn q and a to anki deck[please tell me what do I

what is q and a, and what is anki deck?

Qand a means questions and answers
Anki deck means making deck for anki droid app

Anki is open source so you should study the storage format at GitHub - ankitects/anki: Anki's shared backend and web components, and the Qt frontend

Did a quick check of an apkg file. It is a zip file, it contains a number of media files and a sqlite database.

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I want to know how I make the .apkg file in mit app inventor

That's why you have to study how the format works. We can not do the work for you. You can create zip files from App Inventor and you can use Sqlite from App Inventor. Info is on the community.

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