Need help to add photo from camera to pdf

Hello there,

First of all i would like to shout a big thank you to all the helpers here.

I need your help ^^

As you know there is a "bug" where a photo took with the camera is save with 90 degree. I need to add a photo from camera to a pdf.

I can rotate the photo to the right position, but when i create the pdf, the picture saved is always like i did nothing.

I created a new project to simulate the pdf creation (see blocks below). Can somebody help me ?


Try this

pdfImgRotate.aia (41.9 KB)

I added Taifun's Image extension (credits), to actually rotate the image, and also a procedure that converts the image name from png to jpg. This appears to work.


I tried with taifun plugin but unfortunately I couldn't make it (maybe a typo from me...)

This time it seems to work. It's great ! Thank you.

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