Need help on transfering datas from one screen to another + set a date on a board

Hello everybody,

I need your help, I can't manage to send datas from one screen to another in a list.
I would like to show in a second screen screen 1 results in a list next to another list with the date that matches the results.

To be clear, i want to implement a board with 2 columns and several lines in the second screen with screen 1 results with a results list and date list.

In screen 1 i have a "save" button and i can't find a solution for getting both the results and date when i save from screen 1 to screen 2 in my board.

Do you have an idea ?
Thanks !

You can avoid aggravation by using multiple Vertical Arrangements instead, only allowing one visible at a time. That eliminates all the data transfer problems and cross-control problems with Screens.

Here is an example ...

Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately i'm a beginner with app inventor (it's my first app to be completely honnest) and i'm afraid i don't understand all the information you gave me in this attached document.

I'm going to try my best and study this point. Thanks again.

If there is also others ideas i'm really open to listen to it :slight_smile:

A more simple example for switching virtual screens....

HOWTO: Yet Another Tabbed Screens Demo