Need help making an app similar to Finger Chooser and not sure how to start

I am fairly new to code, but am trying to create an app that works similarly to the Finger Selector app. The app has users holding their fingers down on the device which creates a circle around them that they are able to move about the screen. After a few seconds, all the circles disappear and leave one remaining which indicates who is chosen via the app. I am not looking to make anything crazy complex, but I am having a difficult time starting it. I began with a full screen Canvas and dragged 10 balls onto it of different colors. That is all I have so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

To give folks an idea:

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I am hoping this app is meant for a group of people together in a room, using just the one phone, and not spread out across a network?

That would be very complex.

Do the users have to keep their fingers on the Canvas while other users put their fingers on the Canvas?

That would require multitouch, which is not part of native AI2.

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I was just going to see if I could recreate it for my small board game group because the one I currently use does not work super great. Thank you for the advice though! I did not realize there was no multi touch function.

You can use multitouch with the help of an extension or in the way @TIMAI2 showed in this topic.

You could use a 30 seconds timer after the last touch and drag to start the choice process.

Try this:

fingerChooserv1.aia (6.1 KB)

For up to six players

Wide open for further development: sounds, counter, errorcatching :wink: