Need help in creating extension

Hi there,
How i can store images in my extension to
Use them in drawables or backgrounds of custom components

What extension builder are you using?

My extension is custom spinner, it has many Images of drop down arrow.
Ai2 extension User can change arrow image by
Changing ArrowStyle property.

No, which type of builder you are using to build your extension, like Niotron IDE, Rush, Extension Template, etc.

Use the @UsesAssets annotation


If you're using Extension Template or Rush, you also have to put them in the assets folder.

If you're using Niotron IDE, you have to host them on the web.

I am using Git Bash console to create my extension

Git Bash is a terminal and not an extension builder.

Sorry, i am using Apache Ant

Again, Apache Ant is also not an extension builder. These are.

  • App Inventor sources
  • Extension Template
  • Niotron IDE
  • Rush

If you're using App Inventor sources, I think you can create an /assets/ folder right next to the source code of your project, put your assets inside, and use the UsesAssets annotation as mentioned.

Yes i understood, i am using Appinventor sources
Thanks Gordon_Lu
My next question is how to use extension asset file or another meanning what is extension asset file path?


Thanks Taifun
I will try using Form's openAssetForExtension method