Need help in blocks - Download an image

Hi, need help please in this ... how can i make in blocks : if click on image then download the image, thanks a lot.

Where is the image from ?
Download the image to where ?

The image is from my computer
when any person like the image and want to download it to his gallery

How does the image from "your computer" get onto your app ?

Is it an asset (in the Media folder) ?

like this:


I put the icon of image in the screen then apload the image i want from my computer


How many images, and what size of images, are you planning to provide in your app in this way ?

Many, I do not know how much

most of them size A4 almost

What will you do if you want to add more, new images after you have compiled your app ?

We usually measure image size in bytes, kilobytes (kb) or megabytes (mb), and with dimensions in pixels.

I offer my images completely free

I will check then reply

This should get you started

You will need to set Screen1 properties DefaultFilescope to Legacy in the designer

You will also need this extension:

Taifun Tools

which provides a GalleryRefresh block for your copied file.

From 400kb to 1mb almost

I will try it, thanks very much all.

If you use the TaifunFile or FileTools extension instead of the File component, you don't need storage permissions for any of the Shared folders (like /Pictures) on Android 11+.

(Here: WRITE permission, which does no longer exist on Android 11+ anyway, but is incorrectly requested by the Fle component.)

Now I found : this site can't be reached, am i banned for fear of storage space?

Please, have I been banned for fear of storage space, because I cannot access your site to complete my application?

Which site?

What URL?