Need help , how do you hide a image if clicked and show another?

Hello All,
I would need some small help here.

I want to show one web image if lan image is clicked and lan image if web image is clicked.

Accordingly, as soon as i click on it i want to load the url1 , else if the other image is clicked i want to load url2.
Both the urls come from settings screen, and stored in tiny db. and are called based on the lan boolean field on settings sceen.

Also, i want to never show the webpage not found webview , so that my users never see which url i am connected if it fails.

At this point sometimes the page wont load . But always, i would have to click on home button again to load it properly only then the new image would be shown of web/lan.

Please suggest how to do it?

Use an if/else condition block in the click event to test the current url (local/internet)

Load a custom error web page with this block