Need help for a formula

I need a tip and a formula. after many attempts, I now turn to you. I hope for help.

1) Needed tip:
For a textbox (value1) with only numbers, how can I use the OK key to pass the entered value to the result textbox (erg1) when entering via the number field that is displayed?

2) formula help needed:

  • there are 4 result fields with the names: erg1, erg2, erg3, erg4

Conditions for the formula:
the formula must be active only if the value (example erg2) is in the range ...

  • between 100 and 295
  • between 400 and 695
  • between 800 and 945.

If a result overtakes another single result or several of the other results in these ranges, then the value 50 is subtracted from the respective overtaken results and added to the result field of the overtaker.

Can anyone give me a hint?
I despair for 6 days on it.

Thanks a lot


Pull in a Button, call it btnCalculate, and change its .Text to 'Calculate'.
Do your work in btnCalculate's Click event.

Show us some examples, hopefully in a spreadsheet.
It's hard to see what values depend on other values in your description.
It's also hard to discern what happens between ranges.

Use a Clock or this extension: