Need help extracting code from .aix file in ML4K for App Inventor extension

Hello guys,

I am a student from germany and currently working on a project using the ML4K platform. I have created two categories "Nice" and "Mean" and have trained my app using 8 phrases for each category - a very simple thing...

Now, I am trying to make my app using the "App Inventor" option. However, when I click on "Make", I only see a blue button that says "Download App Inventor Extension" but no code or link to the code, I only got a .aik file...

I believe I need this code to proceed with my project, but I don't know how to find it. I have attached a screenshot of what I see when I click on "Make" - I wasn't the only one having this problem either..

Is there any way to get the code from this point, or should I try a different platform or approach? I would really appreciate any help or guidance on this issue.

Thank you.

Welcome Lucy.

You can try here GitHub - kylecorry31/ML4K-AI-Extension: Use machine learning in AppInventor, with easy training using text, images, or numbers through the Machine Learning for Kids website.

The blue button will allow you to download the extension as an aix. :slight_smile: