Need help bridging the gap (MIT app to raspberry pi to servo controller)

My project:
Android phone
Raspberry Pi 4b
Waveshare servo
16 servos
I built an app with MIT app inventor, lots of bells and whistles.
My phone is paired with the Pi.
I can't get my phone to talk to the Pi.(the first part that I need help with)
Then I will need to integrate into the Python sample code from Waveshare (part 2 that I need help with)

At this point I need to hire someone that can provide code (with detailed instruction) to complete my project.


As the project includes Raspberry pi and Servos, it cannot be done remotely, if you can send us the Raspberry pi, Servos and Accessories, then we can set up a test environment for the project. It comes with a test fees.

If you are interested then please let me know, my contact details are mentioned below,