Need help ASAP I need this tomorrow

Can I have some help this code is not working please help ASAP. An error keeps popping up that you cannot pick a random item on an empty list. If you can give any help please do. Thank you. The deadline is tomorrow :')

Is not it clear your even names list is empty.

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The even names is supposed to be an empty list which gets every same name that is even number in terms of index position

this condition of yours is not returning true.

If this is school homework, you should do this on your own.

However, this might've been an oversight by your teacher. The lists aren't getting populated in time for the check (the iterations happen at the same time, since App Inventor is based on Java). You'll need to split the iterations, somehow, using a Clock. The rest should be straightforward.

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If original list item is in list of non duplicates, then add to list of duplicates, else add to list of non duplicates. But you must ensure that all original list items exist (textboxes must at least have a 0 in them)


Is there anything I should change in that part which can help make it return true?

I don't really get the statement can you clarify it a bit more sorry if I am Grade 9 currently and I don't have much experience with coding can you please clarify?


Why always? There were homework like this from school but teachers did not punish me. Let the OP ask for help.

I don't know if this delays the code since it still doesn't work can you help and see if this is actually correct if not can you explain how to split the iterations

You need to enable the timers first. And all the iterations can't be in the same event because of this.

Thank you very much to everyone that helped.

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