Need help about csv

I want to happen. When i Enter 1001 in Textbox of Serch Id Number then Will Display the JOHN in Textbox of Result. Thank you🥰

Have you attempted it ?
Can you share your blocks??


I guess he is attempting to read from Google Sheets

How about if the Data is from CSV? How can i search?

Try this .........

This is a combo for you to Write to Google Sheet and Search too .....

Test.aia (3.9 KB)

You can test the .aia, but thereafter kindly change the google sheet urls as per format !

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If Csv is from device/offline. Desame block?

It is from Google Sheets ..... Online

How about if offline sir?

I think @Anup_Ludra's solution is best for a large database.
But for csv you can try this:


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Are you storing it in a tinydb or a ListView ??
That can be done too ..................

You can keep adding data to the listView and then search from the List !
(Keep the ListView Visible = False)

I suggest using a TinyDb and a ListView. That way, when the app is closed, and reopened, you can call data from the TinyDb

Try this ................

This is saving data in offline mode in a tinyDb

And displaying result as per search

Test (1).aia (3.9 KB)

I have used a ListView component, Just for checking the data and just in case it is required, else that can be removed.
(I have kept the Visible = False)

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For a list of lists (table) with a unique key in column 1 (like the OP asked), the lookup in pairs block works perfectly fine.

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