Need help about Clipboard & float window extension

I use clipboard extension and floating view extension in my app. In my app, I have a copy/paste button. My copy/paste button is working if I am on my app( during float window). If I am on other app I click copy/paste button, clipboard function not working.
Sorry for bad English

Please show your relevant blocks

If I miss something, please help. I test by set find text.

Hello Andry!

  • there isn't any text for replacement

  • where do you copy the text? (I mean your blocks)

  • as I seen, Taifun's clipboard is working well in multiple programs. It seems that something is wrong in these apps that you are using

It is not like that. I copy text from other app.i only purpose to delete "\n", not for replace. It is ok even I leave it blank or empty. My problem is if I am on floating state and over other app(it work over it own app) clipboard is not working. I test it by set text method. So I ask for help, something I wrong or miss.

It's false! Example: do you think if you leave empty textbox1 text × empty what happens?

You should use right block for any program

We know that if we write print (nothing) in python, the result is nothing, this is the reason

You don't replace any text and it returns nothing!

It seems that you are using iOS device, right?

No. It's android.

As I said try pasting without replacing text (connect paste block directly)

Ok. Let me try it.

Here I did. It's the same result.

Also delete join block

Don't forgot that its a test to see does Taifun's clipboard work if you paste it directly

Can I take a look at all of your blocks?

It seems that you forgot it, I found it
Tip: Taifun's clipboard could not copy/paste like floating window extension when the app is closed

So. Is any other way to get what I want?

You can use activity starter to open another app without closing your program (you can read about it by clicking "guide button in top of the app inventor)

Thx. I'll try it.

See here

The copy method of the clipboard extension obviously only can work, if your app is up and running...


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