Need guidance to finish my monitoring app

I am trying to make an app that connects to an arduino bluetooth module, connected to an EEG and a pulse sensor. I need to be able to scan for an average value (unknown atm) that indicates to set an alert off on the users phone. I have never used this app inventor and need someone who can help find any errors I have or improvements I could make. app needs to take the data from eeg and heart beat, run average etc of each variable, cross examine if it is needing alert or not and store data in both screens of the app. switch screens when the variable is in the alert area.

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@serenity wow, cool app! Happy to help you. Could you please share the .aia?

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AMYAPP (3).aia (7.8 KB)
thank you so much!!

@serenity what are you using as an EEG? I have a Garmin watch with HR sensor would that work for me?

For the EEG i’ve been using a neurosky EEG connected to an arduino, which is also connected to the hr sensor. So i’m not sure if yours will work but it’s definitely worth a shot!

Hi Serenity, your project is interesting. How was the result? Was it successful? I am also interested to receive, record and make use of the neurosky raw data, especially the relaxation one, and produce app for self-meditation use. Mind sharing with me your experience about it? Thank you