Need for an LPR offline extension

Hi I need an extension for license plate recognition
Offline for a project, payed off course

I think a good option is to use Raspberry


That will be one big database, that most ANPR providers will be reluctant to allow a full download for, and then there is keeping it up to date...and then there is the cost.

@Juan_Antonio 's solution will return the number plate, what then ?

It's checked of the vehicle is known to belong to the neighborhood , If not it will send an email to the community security service

But I need it in a phone

then you will have a network connection, so you could access an online ANPR service ?

Don't want to be dependent on it, or share the information with third party

Your phone probably does not have enough memory to store such a huge database, but even if it did, it's unlikely that any Authority is going to allow you to download their database given that it contains sensitive information about millions of drivers and could be sold-on.

Your App therefore has to access the database legally, online. To give you an idea of the challenge, that can only be done by a business in the UK, and costs a small fortune.

The app doesn't check the validation of the license plate. It checks if it is in the list of cars that are allowed in the area.
List of up to 500 cars not much more

..same rules apply if you want to use an Authorities' database.

No need for authority, it's a list of vehicles that you put in a database in advance and the user get notified when it's a vehicle not from the list

In which case, use the approach provided by @Juan_Antonio earlier (or something similar), then simp[ly compare the plate number against your own developed list.

Your request /requirement was unclear from the offset.

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You can use the local sqlite database to store the license plates... I can offer this extension


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Thanks, I need the lpr first

This is a simple select statement like this

Select plate from myTable where plate = <plate of the car, which likes to enter>

If you get a value back, then the car is allowed to enter, else not


OP maybe want an extension which can read an image and OCR the plate number, then check if it's in a database.
Can you find an open api to ocr an LPR online in your country/area?

I prefer offline for privacy
Of the car owners