Need android.permission.BLUETOOTH_CONNECT

I have been developing Bluetooth (BLE) apps for the past couple of years, usually successfully.

I use the BluetoothLE import

Extension Version: 20200828
Date Built: 2020-08-28

Until last week everything was fine, however after building, downloading and running I get the following runtime error:

Runtime Error

Need android.permission.BLUETOOTH_CONNECT
permission for android,content.AttributionSource@167052f3:GattService registerClient

End Application

My phone is running Android version 12 and has not required an update since July 2022.

Has anyone else come across this problem?

Kind regards,

Ian James


Svp j'ai l'erreur android permission scan android12

The BluetoothLE extension has not yet been updated for Android 12. We will make an announcement in the community once an updated version of the extension is available.


Thank you Anke, that solved the problem

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