Need a help plzz the sms can't be send


Can you show all your blocks

hmm, so where is the block to send text.
Like This :

blocks (2)

i fetch the phone number from google sheets don't entred in input field

ooo, i got it

I think the script is wrong, can you share the script

where did you get the script?

from script editor of google sheets

check this :

yes i used this

have you seen this block :

yes i seen him but it used a input field

You are using GET in your blocks and POST in your web app script.

I would recommend you break things down.

  1. First a simple app that sends an sms. Get this working first.

  2. Decide what data you want to send to google sheets, and which HTTP method you want to use

  3. Decide what data you want back from the google sheet.

  4. Adjust the web app script accordingly, and re-publish to new version.

  5. Combine the two parts together.

its divised
1- i fetch all phone number from google sheets
2- i send a text message to phone number