NB189 - The blocks area did not load properly

Since new release NB189, certain pages in my projects don`t load anymore with error message.

The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen xxxxxxx will not be saved.

Is there anyway that I can see what changed or a more detailed error that could have caused this? Or can I share project file with someone that could take a look.

thanks a lot.

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Export your .aia file and upload it here.

Are you using Companion 263; if not load it and use the latest Companion.

Are you using extensions. It appears some third party extensions that used to work with nb188 do not work with nb189. You might note the extensions used on the pages that no longer work and temporarily remove them from the Project and see what happens.

thanks for quick responses. Attaching one of the AIA files.
Athens.aia (405.5 KB)


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263 or 263u

The .aia loads fine on code.appinventor.mit.edu server.
You have a heap load of components in your data collection screen.
Consider making it table driven so you can reuse components.


The aia loaded possibly because code.ai is not yet using Companion 2.63 and is still nb188 ? code.ai is using Companion 2.62.

this is quite annoying

Try this Athens.aia (405.5 KB) Loads in http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/ without any errors

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Opening this project with Firefox first time results in that error

By opening with Google Chrome everything gets fixed even if using Firefox afterwards..

@ewpatton we had this on one occasion before.

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@Boban please try my aia in firefox, no errors occurs. I opened it with Firefox, first time using an alt account

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Yes, this opens without any problems in Firefox & Chrome.

But with AI2Offline (ver 3.9) I can also open @Serge_Nugteren's Athens.aia without problems.

All I did was to change in bky files

<yacodeblocks ya-version="213" language-version="34"></yacodeblocks>


<yacodeblocks ya-version="216" language-version="34"></yacodeblocks>

With the current version of AI2Offline (v4.0.1) I get the same error with @Serge_Nugteren's aia.
@dora_paz's aia opens fine.


Goodmorning to all,

I do not know what or if something changed. But now in Google Chrome, the first time opening it gives me the error, the second time opening it loads fine.

As I can load the projects again, albeit with a "workaround" is perfect for me.

thank you

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Yes, and the same with AI2Offline (v4.0.1). After reloading it opens fine.

After reloading, exporting the aia and opening this one, it opens fine (also for the first time).


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