Navigation plugin crashes the app

When I try to use "Navigation" the app just crashes every time I start it, I've only put in the bare essentials for the program to work so it shouldn't be something else causing the problem. Does anyone know what the error could be?

I don't get any error on the mobile or, it just closes the app

(I have a samsung s23 with android 14)


A guess is you don't have a satellite fix before you press Button1 (lat/lon still the default of 0,0 and OpenRouteService cannot calculate a Driving path over water) or you did not include a LocationSensor.LocationChanged Block in your Blocks (which might be required to use LocationSennsor.Latitude / Longitude Blocks

This issue could also be a compatibility issue with Android 14 or you do not have WIFI or Data enabled on your device. Navigate requires an internet connection.

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