Navigation on foot

Hello, I would like to activate the google navigation in pedestrian mode. Is it possible to do that?

I can launch the navigator but by default it uses the car mode. I want to use the navigator in an extended place where no cars are allowed (to go from place A to place Z or any other).

Use walking travel mode similar to

Thank you Steve, but there is no ActivityStater.MODE. What should I use instead and how to add mode=walking?

can I put it just like that in URI?

I tried this way

but it turns to bike mode

google.navigation:q=latitude,longitude&mode=w should work or it is possible that google does not have a walk mode for that map and returns bike?

This works for me. :slight_smile:

I does (I confused the motorcycle with the bike, but for that matter it is the same)

Ok. I will keep trying. Thank you for your input

It appears you actually are successful.


No. I just selected it manually. But just now I tried adding just the W letter (not the entire word WALKING as it was suggested in and I got it!!!! Now I see that you wrote it in your example, but I thought you were just saving letters :wink:

Thanks so much

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mode is case sensitive. w should work; W should not ; walking should also work, however it does not; so use w

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