Navigation Module

Hello fellow Coders,

I recently started a new Project. I want to integrate a navigation system in a motorcycle helmet. Therefor I used MIT App Inventor for the Navigation App.
To my question:
Is it possible to convert the points from the navigation system (that are used for showing the path on the map) into coordinates (long/lat) to calculate the distance between the location of the user and the next turn? Also it would be great if there was a possibility to unwrap all the steps from the output list to a step by step output so that every action can be handled individually.
Thank you for answering :slight_smile:
Have a wonderful day.

PS: You can answer in german or english

Welcome Johannes.

Here is a link to a community discussion that discusses how you might extract coordinates from directions.

How do I achieve turn by turn navigation on AI? . It provides ideas about how to do it using the Google Directions API and one using the Navigate component that might work. Try one of the options and let us know if it works Johannes.

You can use the Map Marker DistanceToPoint( latitude , longitude ) to compute the distance, in meters, between a Marker and a latitude , longitude point.