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How to improve Navigation accuracy. I am making a navigation app, m using line string for the directions showing on map. But the directions are not accurate and exact, in some cases the directions are been shown where there is no roads.
So eht should i do to improve accuracy.

The Navigate tool uses OpenRouteService (ORS) to post a 'route' on OpenStreetMap tiles. Yes, the Navigation ORS tool is inferior to Google's Map API. ORS and OSM depend on user contributions of data and technology.

  • you can use the Google Map api.

  • you can use Bing

  • you can stay with Navigate if you break your trip into smaller segments. My experience is ORS does best on short trips. Make sure you set it to work with directions by car instead of walking :wink: TransportationMethod*
    is the transportation method used for determining the route. Valid options are:

  • foot-walking: Route based on walking paths
  • driving-car: Route based on vehicle paths
  • cycling-regular: Route based on bicycle paths
  • wheelchair: Route based on wheelchair accessible paths
  • buy a paper map :smile:

There are map services that charge a fee you could consider linking to. :cry:

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thank you

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