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Hi everyone how can I do this?

Navigation bar? Do you mean this:


i mean this

Where does it come from? Is this on an iPhone ?

like this but when i scroll down the buttons hide when i scroll up the buttons appears.

Have you tried a Scrollable Vertical Arrangement with vertical alignment set to bottom, and something taller than the Screen atop that Horizontal Arrangement?

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com.xtiger.interactionlistener.aix (8.5 KB)
Use this extension ,when swipe down detected hide that

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app.aia (1.6 KB)
I tried but it doesn't work but I think I discovered a bug...
the label is above the buttons

Use label inside scroll arrangement

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thanks but is there a way to animate it?
like this

sample run

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ok it works perfectly thanks!:heart:

app_2.aia (1.7 KB)

iPhone screenshot:

Works of course also on Android.

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