Navigate in Full Screen Urls from CSV

Hi all,
I would like to create a simple app that has within it a csv consisting of "Category, Name, Link" reachable by direct user selection.
Home that allows via button (in a static way) the category to want to display, chosen the category passes to the reference screen. Once landed it has a list picker (filtered on the Category chosen in Home) allows to choose among the available Names which one want to display in the Custom Web Viewer (I would need the full screen function in the loaded page) and once chosen it loads it.
it will only be possible to choose from the names associated with the chosen category or return to the home screen thanks separate button.

How can I manage the lists and picker enhancement? as a filter by category?

I would need your help.

Thank you.

Here's a similarly structured table based app:

Thanks @ABG for responding to me!
I already knew about this project but I can't adapt it to my needs..

I am attaching the sample of the CSV I would use. I know it's simple for those who know App Inventor thoroughly, but I'm just starting out and would need it to speed up my studies using an excel binder I've built over the years. I could really use it.

Sample.csv (115 Bytes)

The laziest way to do this is to load a List Picker .Elements from the list you get by splitting the csv text at \n (the newline character).

That way, each Element is a csv row, and you can use the List Picker Filter to narrow down the list.

After selecting an Element, split the Selection at ',' and use item 3 to feed your web visit.

I hope I'm not making you angry but I'm not that confident with the system, I totally understand what you're recommending (and on a logical level it works for me as well) but my problem is really implementing it in MIT App Inventor. I'm a novice and I would like to create tools to help me in private, I'm not looking for scalable or ultra-complex solutions, I just need it to work for me locally.

How can I implement your suggestion?
If you would like to share an example AIA for me to take a cue would be ideal.

Thank you very much!

web_sites.aia (2.6 KB)

This should be as good as your csv contents.

I forgot to turn on the List Picker Filter bar:
web_sites.aia (2.6 KB)

You may not be able to understand my joy right now but thank you thank you and thank you again! It is an alpha and I will work on learning to make it perform better, but I can definitely start and learn from this!

Can I leave the thread open to maybe share versioning or gather more ideas?

Either way you've been super kind and super helpful, I wish you well as you continue.

Up to a week.

We've had one guy try to get us to gild the lily for months, while doing nothing himself.
The more you try, the more we help.

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