MySQL tbl to list - problem

Can anyone help?
I am reading a table in Mysql db. In the app, I want to move its contents to a sheet and then use the sheet as a menu in the txtBox...
I will read the tbl OK....I will also display it successfully at the end of the Web1.GotText procedure.
But when I want to assign the letter to UrsAI2Pop1.MenuItemSelected, the letter is empty.
Where am I doing wrong?

try this:

I fixed it like this but unfortunately it doesn't work...

What is the content of global gListlk before to use it in the Popup block?

At the end of the Web1.GotText block, these are actually values from the MySQL tbl. So Call Web1.Get in the CitajAlkAll block works fine. Only outside of those blocks the global variable gListAlk is already empty.....

You need also to call to the UrsAI2Poup.Show when you want to display the menu...and anchor it to a component (in Designer or with block).
An example:

is empty? The notification you show with that variable shown it empty?

I have TextBox1 docked in Properties...

I have TextBox1 docked in Properties...
This works for me too:

When I download data from MySQL to's still OK. Only then will the sheet be emptied...

I don't know what do you mean with this? Have your list data when you use it in the popup block or not?

And in your first blocks of your app you hadn't the "Show" block.

"Show" block is in TextBox1.GotFocus also in the first blocks...

yes, sorry. Then, try to place the SetMenuItems inside the GotText block, when the gListAlk is already filled (before to call oznam procedure)... if it is not empty

Thank you very much! Now it works!