Mysql and phpAdmin connection

I'm quit nothing works here Is depressed many years trying I don't know what's wrong

It's your example....and doesn't work even i'm using your php file and nothing works

As you can see yourself easily, this
is not the correct url to the script, it is the url to some default webpage


your url?

I'm using a free hosting with php normal and html works well but with MIT nothing happend with the server conection

Follow the setup instructions


  • Put the PHP code on your web server
  • Set the SQLKEY in your app and in the PHP code, they must match for this code to work
    Note: If you want to use special characters in the password string, then do not UriEncode the SQLKEY, see also here.
  • Setup your database connection information in the php script
  • Try out the code

Special Notes

  • Returns HTTP code 200 for a successful SELECT query
  • Returns HTTP code 201 to return anything that's not a SELECT statement
  • Returns HTTP code 400 for any error with your SQL or setup
  • Make sure to remove any page redirects for mobile devices on your webpage, else the App Inventor app will not be able to access the php script and will get an 404 error: page not found instead.

Also read Q6 here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps


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Same error 403 forbidden nginx

Why not test with just a simple php file:

echo "Hello World";

This should return "Hello World" in your responseContent

Of course it works online

But with ai companion doesn't works

What is this url ?


Should it not look like this, if you named the file myfile.php ?

OK let me check it out

It works, but Ai companion doesn't work 403 forbidden nginx

try to use webviewer (not web) to goto same url, to check if you can get the correct result.

You try to say me that change all from web1 to webviewer?


OK ok

Works for me with a webviewer, but not with the web component.

Something I need to test...

I've been tried for many ways let me check it that but webviewer change everything

  1. use Webviewer to goto the url.
  2. in Webviewer. pageloaded(?) event, run javascript: window.AppInventor.setWebViewString( document.body.innerText );
  3. in Webviewer. WebviewString Changed event, set a label. text to the result.

4.the Webviewer can be set to invisible.

Look like your site requires a javascript browser to run requests.

I tried adding a user-agent for the web component but this was not enough.

Have not found a suitable header that fixes this...