Mysql and phpAdmin connection

When I try to use ai companion in a simple php file doesn't work nothing in real server it's work, but with MIT nothing happen I tried by 4 o five methods a nothing works....Why Ai companion samples existing online doesn't work here


Thanks for your reply what I doing wrong? in your samples doesn't have something like this

What the Web.GotText event returns?

That's what try to understand but what i'm missed


When click register coming 403 forbidden html error

This is the first time I have seen non-English web headers.

Do they work?

Never mind, I read them wrong, they're payload.

I'm doing other samples and doesn't I get this error when I use Ai companion in the phone htm 403 forbiden error and don't insert nothing in the database

Is it http or https ?

I don't know what's wrong in the 4 samples that I made it none of them work, in the toturials works but in the reality don't I've been trying for many years this issues and nothing....I wondered what is the problem my country location, My Pc, My system I don't know

http the hosting Infinity free has this system

Maybe can be the issues I have to change from hosting ?

You are not using my example from App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps, you are using some other solution.
Which solution is it? Any link? Just follow the instructions and do not mix different solutions


Ok I will try

doesn't work nothing using my PHP file in anyone examples happenned that, such I said I've been trying by years and nothing happened with this apps, I will try with Android Studio but my computer don't support this apps It's complicated about Venezuela Issues I have many years trying to make a big proyect but I can't get it nothing with phone apps in web works but I need the apps works

Well, if you want to use my example, then obviously you also should use my script on your server, just follow the setup instructions


ok I will used maybe can be my header html is wrong

I'm using same error