My well formatted list says its not well formatted

This is my JSON { "question": "question", "answers": [ "ans1", "ans2", "ans3" ] } and this is my code

It was working earlier and I don't remember what I changed.

What do "global answers" and "global response" have?
Because it looks like you're taking the question from a variable called answer...

You aren't making regular back ups. If you saved an aia you would know.

Sorry your Block image is unreadable. To get a clean image go to Blocks screen;
right mouse click on the white space in the screen and
to get a png of all your Blocks you can post and everyone can read.

You set "answers" variable with the value of 'answers' tag and, later, you are trying to get the value of 'question' tag from the "answer" variable...maybe you can find it in "response" variable...

From examining the part of your global JSON text variable response that has the key answers, the '[' tells me that answers will be a list.

So any place you try to use a dictionary lookup against the global list variable answers should fail.