My single-qubit apps

hello everyone,

I've been wanting to use App Inventor to create a tutorial that teaches the basics of quantum computing.
Part of this was accomplished as follows. I would be happy if you could take a look:


Hello Yamafu.

Do you have any clue to work with hemispheres with AI2?
I need to work with geological data and i need to graphic the data in a hemisphere.
In Wulff Nets specifically.

Hello German_Skena

thank you for your reply.
I'm not familiar with the Wulff Nets, but I think the general isometric projection I used can be applied to both global and hemispheric data.
Does this meet the intent of your question?

Dear Professor Yamamoto (@yamafu)
I've read with great interest the contents of the link you posted (I'm a physicist or, better, 40 years ago I got my physics graduation :upside_down_face:), and this new frontier of quantum computing is really amazing !
My question is: will you share your .aia or your .apk in the future ? Many thanks and best wishes,

Hello uskiara

Thank you for your interest in this article.
Yes, I plan to publish App Inventor files (.aia and .apk). However, if you are particularly interested, please feel free to email me privately. I will send you the built files (.apk) immediately. Please see my blog for my email address.

It's quantum. You can't read the docs and sources simultaneously.

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Or can you ? :wink:

I'll add it just in case.

As the title suggests, my app currently only has the ability to apply quantum gates to one qubit. However, there are still great benefits to learning many of the important fundamentals of quantum computing while holding your smartphone in your hands.

When the number of qubits exceeds 2, quantum entanglement becomes involved, and processing suddenly becomes difficult. Therefore, when dealing with 2 or more qubits, I recommend using IBM Quantum Composer or Qni simulator.

Dear all,
"probably" somewhere else in the universe there is a brain, entangled to mine, which is capable to understand quanta. But not mine (here ...) :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Shut up and calculate !

Dear Professor Yamamoto,
thanks a lot for your kind answer. Please don't feel pressed, i'll wait patiently 'till you will publish your apps. In the meanwhile i'll continue to read papers on the matter.
Best wishes for your astonishing job.
Kind regards,

Hello everyone,

The title of this article was 'My single-qubit apps', but now I have also developed a 3-qubit simulator. If you would like to try this out, please see below. Although it is a beta version, you can use the build file (.apk):