My second screen doesnt load

I started using appinventor some weeks ago because of school and tried doing a game as a school project, everything was going fine and my app is basically done by now, however when i try going from screen1 to screen2 (tried connecting to AI and downloaded it) the second screen (the one where all the cods for the game is) always close by itself when i start it up. Only case it dont close itself, is when i connect to the AI while already in screen2. I tried searching and doing what i could but nothing seems to work, even tried to delete most part of the cods just to see if it would load out, but no. Here´s my project:
Trabalho_Individual_1_MarioJump (1).aia (360.0 KB)

If anyone could help me, i would be glad

You have tremendous image file bloat, overloading the RAM space all along the AI2 tool chain.
This image is 100 * 100 = 10,000 times too big.
Reduce those pixel counts to match Screen sizes, without compression.

Thank you for the reply, just one thing, how can i reduce the pixel counts? Never did those things before

I like the free IrfanView utility for this.

They call it resizing the image.

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Try this one:
Trabalho_Individual_1_MarioJump2.aia (359.7 KB)

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It did work! Thanks!
Could you explain to me what you changed?

Even when i downgraded the amount of pixels to 184x158, it didnt worked at the end, the same thing happened
However, someone did managed to fix what was the problem, thank you very much for your time!

Take a close look and you will see. And once you've figured it out, share what the problem was with others so everyone can learn.
Now it's your turn.

Was testing somethings out here, and what was changed that could be the cause was the Clock named "GravidadeInimigo"
If the clock was on when the screen2 initialize, the screen seemed to crash and close itself, when it was off the screen was normal
Since i wanted this clock to be on, i made so it had false value when the screen initalized, but when the Clock1 timed, this clock(GravidadeInimigo) value turned into true