My projects have been deleted

My projects have been deleted, and I do not know the reason. I log in through my private email address, and there are my projects that I created and an important project that I was developing to help me in my work.
It is very important
Please help

Do you have multiple email addresses tied to your Google account? For example, in some parts of the world people get addresses rather than, or previously created a Google account with another email and end up linking everything together. App Inventor keys off the primary email address returned by Google, so if your "primary" email for your Google account has changed, App Inventor will see it as a new account since it has no way to link it to the other address. We have a process to move projects between accounts when this happens.

Thanks dear for following me
I have one account on this domain
But I can't access
When entering this link, the message "This website cannot be accessed" appears.

That's not a standard error message of ours. It may be possible your access is being blocked somewhere else. Have you tried accessing ai2 over HTTPS, i.e.,

Yes, I have tried more than once, but it cannot be opened. You can see the picture

It seems like something is blocking your connection to our servers at Google. You may want to try a VPN as a potential workaround.

Thanks dear for following me
You have successfully accessed the page using extensions for chrome. - Free Unlimited VPN
And I found it all
Thank you so much

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