My projects disappeared from "Projects - My Projects)"

I had a list of 15 projects last week. Yesterday, when I´m going to my Projects, I can´t see them.
Last week, I create a Gmail account, and linked with the original account I used with the App.

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Try logging in with the old gmail account.

Is a Yahoo account, and when I used it, automatically access to the App Inventor with gmail. I tried to unlinked them, but always appears the gmail account.

Have you tried the sign out option to get out of the gmail sign-in, so you can come back with your yahoo account to export all your projects ?

Yes, I did it, and the same.

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@Sergio_Harboure unfortunately, linking one account to another through Google doesn't grant access to projects on the old account.

I can transfer your projects to the new account.

Could you please send me a private message with your old account address, new account address, and a description of some of the projects that need to be transferred?

Hi Susan,
I can´t see my projects. Did you transfer them to the new account?


@Sergio_Harboure I don't have a private message with the information I requested above. Did you send one?

Ohh. I´m sorry. I don´t know how to send a private message. I´m new in App Inventor.
Sorry. Could you explain me how to send a private message?

Thank you

Just click on Susan's icon, you should be offered the option to Message on the right of the popup.

can you help me too? I have the same problem?

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