My project is gone! Help restore!

I am logged in with my account and there are no projects !!
I have not logged in for several months and now there is nothing!!
Help to restore previously created projects please !!

Are you certain you have used the same google account to login with, and that you are using the same server - ai2 or code ?

Thanks for the answer.
I logged in exactly the same way as usual. Even my name, login and password automatically appeared in the browser. BUT, just in case, please tell me where else you can try to install another server or another site address to enter.

The application was uploaded on GooglePlay

on September 26, 2021 for free use.

server ai2.
Another, backup email address was added to my Google account. maybe that's the problem.
The account itself has not changed.
But now I can't specify the first mail to which I registered in the "mit app inventor"
Maybe if I write you the email specified during registration, you can restore my project for access?

Unfortunately, no one has been responding for several days. I wanted to ask for help again. PLEASE HELP ME RESTORE THE PROJECT !! HE 'S COMPLETELY GONE !! ALL PROJECTS HAVE COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED FROM MY PROFILE !! When registering in the APP INVENTOR, there was one email (not Google), then Google changed the security policy and obliged to open the Google email, and left this (not Google) as a backup email. The google account itself has not changed, but in the "app inventor" I can no longer specify the original email (as during registration) and therefore probably a new profile was created in the "app inventor", and the old one is not available to me.

The projects probably remained in the backups of a month ago. The mail at registration was , now . PLEASE RESTORE ALL MY PROJECTS FROM YOUR BACKUP TO MY PROFILE.

Well, you have your answer, your login email address has changed.

Will assign to MIT who will contact you to resolve this.

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I think this thread gives me enough information to transfer. I'm doing a batch of transfers today. I'll let you know if I have any issues.

Your projects should be transferred. Take a look and let me know if you see any problems.


Thank you very much!! Everything appeared. SUUUPER !!

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