My mit app inventor project is messed up and I need help soon because its due tonight

I need help with my mit app inventor, I need to fix this bug, I want to display the time passed on a clock onto a list picker and record those times, but i keep getting a very long error code can anyone help me.

How old is the captain?

What error code?
Your description is very cloudy.
Show your blocks, or post your AIA file.

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.



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well i kind of fixed that problem now its about the value displayed on the list it is null

can look at the blocks i responded with

I circled some errors.

You were trying to use TimerEnabled (a true/false value) as a score.

What does a Clock have to do with being a high score, and why do you need a List Picker?

Had you uploaded an exported .aia file, I might have had a chance to fix things.

Signing off for the night.

the score and clock are related by the fact that how long it takes you to finish is the score and is recorded into the list picker, also I didn't know what to do when i called it to the clock enabled. Thanks for the help.

SO you reward the slowest?

Or is it like golf, where you track the number of strokes and strive for the fewest strokes?

The Clock has a Milliseconds from 1970 value you can get in Clock1.SystemTime.

If you save that in a StartMS global variable when you start, then when you finish subtract that from the current Clock1.SystemTime, that should give you the total elapsed milliseconds you took.

I would not call it points, though, since smaller is better.