My labels and buttons sudenly don't apear anymore

Hello eveyone.
I have a bit of a problem my app inventor project suddenly doesn't show the labels/buttons anymore.
I don't use any blocks to do it so it's quite confusing.


What theme are you using ?

Device Default.

Can you share your aia project, someone can take a look ?

Sketch.aia (347.8 KB)
also it seems the dialogs do not apear as supposed.

Hmmm - difficult to figure out quite what is going on. I suggest you backtrack a bit, reviewing your colour and visbility settings, removing some of your "features".

I already did that IT didn't help.

Start a new project, shouldn't take long to build up and test as you go. (just blocks and process, no extensions until functioning correctly, then one at a time, testing as you go. Also consider just using one screen and virtual screens (arrangements).

I Will do that

Hello Sketch

What was the last thing you did in the project before the labels/buttons stopped displaying?

Create a rounded arrangement.
But after restoring IT stil happens.

Is that via an Extension? There's rather a lot of them in your Project. :upside_down_face:

However, I noticed that VerticalArrangement3 was not selected as visible. When visible, Buttons 1 and 2 are visible, along with a Textbox, ListView and Label. So it looks like the Project is OK........

GUI Tips. Please see my Tips, they will make your Project easier to work with.


That is supposed after a timer fires IT wil be visible.

They are not the no-show items?

Your 'Settings initialize' Block has way too many things going on - it's highly likely to fail at sometime. Let the Screen Initialize and put those Blocks in a one-off Clock Timer. Same goes for the 'edit' Screen.

I"m not sure what you mean by that.
Can you explain a bit more?

Change the background color, instead of black or default, put it orange for example, to test.

"My labels and buttons suddenly don't appear anymore" = no-show items.

Are these items the ones contained by VerticalArrangement3?

The colors of the text on the buttons are black, in labels too. So how are they supposed to appear against a black background? Just change the colors of the texts.
I only wonder why the buttons in the notification are not visible.

Yes and no.
Some of Them but not all.

I did set IT to Dark Theme.
So IT should be White.
Also i Think My project got corrupted.
Since the Theme has changed to the Theme of My other project.
Including title/status bar color.
And added its assets.