My iPhone cannot display my code correctly

So I created an app that uses a list and a listview component, but when I test the app using AI companion, the listview never shows up at all, I have already made sure that the color of the text can show up, but nothing happens. The rest of my app runs smoothly. I use an iPhone 13 on IOS 17.4.1 to test if that helps. I'll attach a picture of my code, what the screen should look like, and what the screen actually looks like.

Welcome Jasmine.

If you make an Android version of your app, does it behave the same as on ios?

Why this question? If the Android version works as expected but the ios does not, that points to an issue with a bug in the ios. If not, you probably have a coding error.

Try using an Android device. Don't have one, borrow one or test your app on an emulator and please describe the results to help isolate what might be wrong.

Post the aia.

WaterTracker.aia (875.4 KB)